Problem: after installing a new Windows Server 2016 machine with the DHCP role enabled, adding a DHCP server used a 169.254.x.x IP address as server name. Instead of the servers hostname…

Solution: do you have more than one network adapters on the server, but are not connected? Disabling the not connected network adapters solves this issue. The DHCP server was bound to the wrong adapter.


  1. ioan

    You can try some commands dos to see if your router is broken or not. happened to me to test a pc that was not getting ip from router. usually you get something that begins with 192.168….
    if you get 169.254- it might be broken.
    after interrogating the network writing in cmd (command dos prompt)-> ipconfig /all
    and result is 169.254, try this in the same cmd-> ping
    if result is no response, you could look also if there is any dns ip in the first request
    if there is none, i think you router is broken, must be replaced. this happens extremely rare, but it happens

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