Open your Chrome browser and from the top right Chrome menu button, select Settings. Alternatively, you can simply type chrome://settings in the address bar and hit Enter.

Scroll down and click on Show advanced settings. Now scroll down to the Passwords and forms section and click on the Manage passwords link.

Manage and view passwords in Chrome

You will a list of all your saved passwords. The passwords will be hidden by asterisk marks. To see them, click on the Showlink.

passwords in Chrome

Chrome will ask you to enter your Windows login password. This is good security measure added by Chrome.

chrome passwords

Once you enter it, you will be shown the password.

Here you manage and delete the saved passwords. When Chrome offered to save a password, if you clicked Never for this site, your password will not be saved and the site will be added to a list of passwords that are never saved. You can also remove any URLs you have saved in the Never saved list. Once you have finished, click on the Done button.

If you wish, you can sync the passwords to your Google Account, so that they are available on other computers you’re using. For this, you will have to be signed in, into your Google account.


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