Firstly download PsTools,This tool is provided in zipped format and you need to extract it somewhere. 

Create folder called – PS on C: drive

We will extract all the contents of the zip file in C:\ drive into the folder PS (which we just created)
After that you need to start command prompt with Administrator privileges. To do this–
        —Open- task manager.
        —Go to- File
        —Create- New Task
        —Check the “Create this task with administrator privileges” checkbox.
        —Type- cmd
        —Press- Enter
You will see the command prompt.
Type- c: 
Type- cd /
Type- cd PS
Type- psexec -i -d -s cmd
Click- Agree on the license agreement dialog box
Then you will get another command prompt running under “nt authoriy\system”
To check if the command prompt is running under “nt authority\system”–
Type- whoami
You should see nt authority\system.
Type- sc delete WLMS
Type- regedit
The above command will open registry editor
Navigate to- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->System->CurrentControlSet->Services
Locate- WLMS
Right click the Key and press delete.
Restart the computer
The simple way of doing it would be to open command prompt with administrator privileges and run the command  “sc delete WLMS” and then delete the WLMS key from the registry. However, if this doesn’t work, you can try the above method which will work for sure..

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